The whole world is blogging

Is it just me or does the whole world..including every raw fooder seem to have a blog as though its important to document our lives and journey for the world to see.

I know many people here have a blog so it may seem a bit rude to say this. But I don't get blogging? Yes I do get creating online communities but people seem to go online to create worlds around them, websites about themselves, blogs, tweeting what they're up to every five minutes.

I understand people who create recipes and want to share but why do we all feel the need to inform people of our worlds, big it up and broadcast it? Is it a publicity/fame and ego thing - possibly. Because surely just writing about your world as though everyone wants to know your thoughts and buisness is that. Very few blogs I've seen are out to unite people and create communities.

I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same about the online worlds we create to centre around us?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I love blogs and I encourage anybody interested in raw to start one. Reading them really, really helped me in the beginning (especially Sarah's Going Bananas blog) and starting my own and documenting my experience was even better.



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