Detoxing or anemia

About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I wasn't raw at the time so I hired a nutritionist (who believes in a meat-cooked diet) to help me with the condition. I tried everything for the heartburn and nothing worked except the RF diet (yay!), which I recently experimented with. However, after about two weeks being mostly raw I felt lightheaded, dizzy upon standing up after kneeling, forgetful, insomniaec, and chest pains. As I had a free follow-up appointment with the nutritionist 6 weeks later, I kept the appointment and told her that the RF diet was working for me. When she asked me how I was feeling physically I told her of my symptoms and she told me I was exhibiting symptoms of anemia and that I needed to eat meat THAT day, and every day thereafter. I was borderline anemia at my last physical so I got scared and had steak for breakfast the next morning. Then I felt the heartburn return. But it's two days later and I do feel better.

Could my symptoms have been detoxing and not anemia? Would it have been safe to wait things out? Looking back I have gone for weeks without meat in the past and have not experienced those symptoms to that extent. Has anyone else experienced similar detox symptoms, and if so did you wait it out, and if so, what happened next?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    The dizziness upon standing is called orthostatic hypotension which occurs because the adrenal glands are too weak to pump out adrenaline to constrict the blood vessels.

    Alot of your other symptoms could be attributed to poor adrenal gland function also.

    On the heart burn subject, did you try bitter herbs or anything else to increase your stomach acid, most doctors lead you to believe that heart burn is from an excess of stomach acid but that is actually quite rare. 9/10 heart burn is from insufficient stomach acid.

  • Hi Powerlifter, I didn't realize it could be adrenals, thanks for the alert. I don't know how I could have had anemia since I was eating meat regularly before I got the heartburn a year ago and have eaten meat as recently as early September. It just goes to show that eating meat is no guarantee of getting or absorbing adequate iron.

    I have been on Prilosec for 5 months and am being weaned off it at my request. Thanks for letting me know about the bitter herbs; I have not tried bitter herbs yet but I did read about them; The names seem kind of foreign & I hope I can find some locally. Are greens like mustard & kale considered bitter as well?

    I have been told by numerous docs that heartburn is due to a loose sphincter and there is no surgery that can successfully fix that without damage. The medical establishment says too much stomach acid causes heartburn but I think they know we need our stomach acid and prescribe these drugs to stop it because there is no way to fix the sphincter. It's a no win situation.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    They often say this but reading medical journals and excess of stomach acid is quite rare. I feel they play on the issue so they can prescribe ant-acids and proton pump inhibitors as frequently as they do often for no reason. Im also not fond of the above drugs as you know inhibiting your stomach acid really affects digestion especially of protein, aswell as neutralizing the stomach acid and turn on the candida growth gene which turns it from its harmless yeast form to fungal overgrowth. We need our stomach acid and good flora which secrete acids to keep candida in check.

    Where are you located?, you dont need special bitter formulas just a single bitter herb such as gentian, you only need a little pre meal on the back of your tongue where your bitter receptors are located. They do detox the liver very effectively though so you'd need to up your water. Bitter foods work to an extent but i prefer the herbs.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    You might like to know that I was suffering from extremely bad acid reflux a year ago and Slippery Elm got rid of it in 2 days. It is brilliant- it heals it all up! Not had a problem since- not even indigestion.

  • Hi Greenwood, how do you prepare the Slippery Elm? I could only find it in powder form, and the store clerk offered me tea bags to put them in.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Low stomach acid is usually 90 percent of the time the cause of acid reflux type symptoms, an over excess of stomach acid is actually quite rare in medical literature.

    bitter herbs will help your symptoms if so.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    "Hi Greenwood, how do you prepare the Slippery Elm? I could only find it in powder form, and the store clerk offered me tea bags to put them in."

    I was lucky to get it in tablet form- I took one after each meal. But if you can only find the powder- mix it into fruit juice and drink it quick as it tastes bitter! (It is powdered tree bark) Have it after every meal- it coats the oesphagus with a protective lining and also does the same for the stomach. It doesn't taste great but my goodness it works! Put one teaspoon of the powder with a little cold water or fruit juice, mix to a fine paste then add more to make it more liquid, stirring constantly. I got how to mix it from a herbal medicine book.There is mucilage in the bark that makes the protective covering but it also acts as an anti inflammatory and calming action.

  • Thanks so much. I tried the Slippery Elm & it was quite good.

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