My tongue is furry yellow/green - HELP

somebody please help. i did fourteen days on the master cleanse. on the last day my throat errupted in canker sores ( i'm assuming from the citrus and sugar ) so i couldn't eat, or even talk. i just drank a green juice in the morning the best i could and some warm veggie broth at night with acv and hot spices ( actually really helped ) anyway... after taking milk thistle in my water and herbs for liver, rinsing with salt lwater and acv and food grade h2o2 it's day six of the canker sores and it's finally going somewhat away. hooray. now to add to all of this after the master cleanse i immediatly starting taking a tincture for a parasite cleanse. it's going great except my tongue has been furry and greenish yellow for days now. it's so gross. i'm sure it's detox. obviously. but does anyone anywhere have anything more specific. i'm planning on doing a liver flush immediately following the parasite cleanse. and from what i've read discoloration of the tongue can be completely related to the liver. I'm just hoping that someone somewhere might have a few other thoughts on this?? please... : )

much love


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Furry tongue can be a sign of bacterial overgrowth.


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