Newbie lookingfor alittle starter assitance.

I've been vegan for about a year now, and just came to the realization that my diet and life style choices are so unhealthy. A sort of contradiction to my original Vegan choice. I chose Veganism under animal rights and an improved dietary choice. But eatting microwaved un-meat burgers and bean burritos from Taco-Bell really isn't what I expected. I chose rawism to improve my physical health, and have been learning a lot from people around me but I'd like so professional assistance as to what specifically I should eat. Yeah Wikipedia has the basics.. But I'd rather information from the raw community.

Any tips or simple facts of what to eat would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much!

Lee Paul


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Get into making fresh food mate, salads and other meals with fresh ingredients is a good start.

    If your going raw then the staple of the lifestyle is lots of fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweed etc.


  • I agree with Powerlifer.

    You can make this as simple or as gourmet as you want. For those who are new to raw food, I recommend 'Raw food made easy for one or two people' by Jennifer Cornbleet. She has videos on YouTube as well. None of her recipes require expensive equipment (no dehydrator required), they don't require expensive superfoods, and they are, indeed, easy. It's a really good place to start (or end).

    What I eat is quite simple--green smoothies; soup; varieties of salads; a small amount of nuts; seeds like hemp seeds; green juices; lots of water. I don't do superfoods. I don't do gourmet raw (too time-consuming for me; too much emphasis on expensive ingredients, sweets, and fat; and gourmet raw requires use of a dehydrator, which I do not own). However, that's me--lots of people really love gourmet raw foods. You could look at some recipes by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis to see what gourmet raw can be like.

    There are recipes galore on this site and all over the web; surely some of them will pique your interest.

    I mentioned green smoothies. They are super-easy to make and are an outstanding way to get tons of vitamins, minerals, and protein into your diet. You can make savory ones, too--not just sweet ones. There are videos galore on green smoothies on YouTube.

    Best of luck.

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