Infrared Sauna

powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

Hey:), anyone here got an infrared sauna or had the pleasure of using one. Ive negleted mine for a while due to being so busy but got back into using it the past few days and forgot how much i love it.

Has lots of benefits over normal saunas such as increased circulation, detoxification of many toxic elements such as heavy metals, burns 400 calories in half an hour use and much more.

You do need to replace minerals and increase water intake though as it really makes you lose a large amount of water and thus inturn minerals. Some like to use unrefined salts which contain all the trace elements i prefer using mineral rich herbs(nettle and alfalfa) and seaweeds to replace the minerals.

So yeah anyone enjoying there infrared sauna as much as me? I forgot how relaxing it is also after a stressful day.


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