how to convince your parents to go raw?

Hi, I read raw secrets and now I'm totally into being a raw vegan however, I'm only 15.

That said, my parents usually know what I eat and they think its crazy to not get any dairy meat or grain.

I already asked them to go raw and they told me I was crazy and that I need protein (somehow protein seems to be the only thing you need to be healthy in ppls minds).

there both ok if I quit meat and eat only raw food but I don't know to convince them that I gota take away the dairy and grains. I already stopped drinking milk and eating butter and usually try to avoid cheese enless it happens to be in my dinner. (since I still eat my parents dinner).

So how can I convince them that this is right?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Convince them by arming yourself with as much information as possible is the only way really. Many on raw do end up in trouble with certain deficiencies one in particular is iodine because the soil is depleted and fruits and vegetables are either void of iodine content or have very little. Which is why i encourage eating seaweeds, you can find raw seaweed and seaweeds have a wealth of health benefits.

    You can get good amounts of protein from nuts and seeds, aswell as from your other intake of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seaweed etc. Vitamin b12 is another which just isnt obtainable on a vegan or raw vegan diet so you will need to supplement with a sublingual b12 supplement.

    Vitamin D is another which is deficient in lots of people including non-vegans, if you arent living where you can get adequate sunshine then supplementing with a vitamin D3 supplement is wise.

    Hope that helps abit


  • I would just focus on getting them to make accommodations for you. Trying to encourage people is fine, educating is great. But telling people they need to change, regardless of subject matter, seldom goes well.

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