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About a month ago, my breasts and nipples started to get very tender and sore. They were more sore than I've ever experienced before and were the worst a few days before my period started. Once my period started, the tenderness subsided, but never fully went away as my breasts have been slightly tender and larger for the whole month. Now I'm about 2 weeks out from my period and my breasts are starting to get very sore again. I turned 30 this year. My husband and I just started to try and conceive, but I know I'm not pregnant because I've tested 3 times and I got my period last month.

Does anyone have an idea of why my boobs would be hurting so much? I haven't been on any type of pill or hormone for 5 years, nothing has changed in my life to cause major stress. I'm excited to get pregnant, but we aren't full-on "trying" right now...just having fun and seeing where that takes us so there shouldn't be any stress from that. I've never had breast tenderness or pain. Could it possibly be my age and a change of hormones? I'm also extremely fatigued. All I want to do is sleep and I have no energy to get daily chores done.

Is there something I can try? I'm 80-90% raw...drink lots of green smoothies. I did just find out that I may have Celiac's (I'm not going to get do the drastic testing to get an official diagnosis-they wanted to do a scope w/ biopsy) and I've cut out gluten in the last 3 weeks, but my breasts started hurting before I did that so I don't see how it would be related.




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    Sounds like a hormonal imbalance but it could be caused by low thyroid issue seen as you said you were fatigued, are you consuming an iodine source such as seaweeds?

    Do you have any other low thyroid symptoms such as hair loss, being cold all the time etc? The problem with many greens raw is that they contain goitrogenic compounds which interfere with thyroid function such as broccoli, kale, spinach etc. When cooked for 10 minutes these goitrogens are inactivated but when raw there not so you need to watch, and either avoid if your prone to thyroid issues or suffering from them. Aswell as up your iodine intake as it will counteract the effects.

    You can also try bitter herbs on the back of the tongue where the bitter receptors are located pre meal, bitter herbs are the best tool to cleanse the liver which inturn allows the liver to be able to metabolize the excess hormones.


  • Go on a fast!

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