Traveling to Chicago as a Raw Vegan

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Hi All,

I will be traveling to Chicago next week on business and would love to check out some new raw vegan places. Can people let me know if there are good places to shop or restaurants in the area? I hear that there are a lot of options...




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    From doing a search theres a place called Karyn's which is meant to cater to raw vegans.

    Happy cow is a good site to show vegan restaurants

    hope that helps abit

  • Yes, Karyn's is good. Be sure to check that out. Also Gabriel Cousins' restaurant is nearby - Incredible Vitality. There's also the Great Taste Cafe which is in a fitness center near Navy Pier. It's pretty much a deli, but they do have daily raw specials and a few menu items. Hope that helps as well!

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    Thank you both! I'm at a conference so won't be getting a rental car, but I'll see if I can bribe one of the locals into taking me out :) I won't have access to a grocery store and cooked vegan travels a little better, so I may have to do my best during the 3.5 days I'll be there. Karyn's menu looked great and I'll have to check out Incredible Vitality online.

  • Definitely check out Raw (their site is, and they're in the Chicago French Market) - I am ADDICTED to this place!!! Their ravioli is amazing, pizza is excellent as well, but everything is great! Very reasonable prices. No, I don't work there lol - but I wish I did! It's a little hidden gem that not too many people know about :-) Great Taste Cafe is another awesome under-the-radar place, and Karyn's is good too (although can be a bit expensive and heavy on the nuts. But I still liked the food!) I wasn't a huge fan of Cousin's Incredible Vitality, but I want to like that place and maybe I went on an off night or something, so I wouldn't count them out either.

    Also, you can get anywhere in the city of Chicago via public transit. I've been doing it for years and if it's too late (like, after midnight, but really I think it's generally pretty safe even later, contrary to what some might think I guess) just take a cab - no car needed! I love my city's public transit!! :-)

  • Healthy Sins Inc, ~ Raw Vegan Cafe!!

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