Raw Food TV Show on Cable !!!!!

MY show is upon us! MY episode airs on Friday, 10/22 at 9:30 PM EST on the Cooking Channel. Please keep and eye out for it, and I hope you enjoy it! On the West Coast, please double check with your cable provider for the exact time, I believe some carriers are airing at the East Coast time.

Here is an alternative place where the show will be posted if you do not have cable, and you can watch previous episodes in the series:


There is a preview of the series here, on the Cooking Channel?s website: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/videos/my-life-in-food-launch/59821.html

And the show website here: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/my-life-in-food/index.html

Description of my episode here:


Extreme Diets

Episode: CCMLF-107H

In this episode we meet a practitioner of unconventional diet. Designer Stacey Jackson is a fruitarian who forages for fruit throughout Los Angeles.

please also join you youtube.com/StaceyHeartsFruit for updates :)

xo Stacey

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