Canadian Here!

I am not new to this site but my user name is new and it reflects the rebirth of something in side me. I have been doing nothing with my self for many years and have drifted away from raw food and I sure did feel it. I never felt good. I suffered from gut-rot most days. My breaking point was eating a home made SAD lasagna two nights ago. I was like WHAT AM I THINKING!!! I can't even eat a SAD breakfast without feeling gross. This is day two of fasting for me to rid my body of toxins and fats and all the gross unhealthy things I have been consuming.

It feels SO GOOD to be back!


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Welcome to the forums:).

    I got to that point on SAD diet myself everything i was eating was making me feel disgusting literally id feel dirty, sluggish, fatigued and just all round crap.

    Now doing much better with high raw and vegan cooked food:)

  • There is an AMAZING difference in energy from SAD to RAW. It's almost like any lack of motivation, laziness, moody blues are subsided with RAW.

  • Glad to have you back, and you're right. What we eat affects our bodies and our minds.

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