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How many of us ended our eating disorder by going raw?

susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

I was just wondering... as a person who came into raw as a way to cope with an eating disorder and found some peace.


  • Pixie VioletPixie Violet Raw Newbie

    I would definatly say becoming raw has improved my relationship with food, ending my eating disorder all together though, is a different story as I believe its something that I'm going to have to deal with the rest of my life >< I've relapsed a lot of times since becoming raw, but it dosent effect my path any less.

    If people have been healed through raw, then I admire them for their strength in overcoming it (:

  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    I have currently come the farthest I ever have in recovery, but to do so I needed to switch from 100% raw to having cooked vegetables for dinner. That stabilized my emotions/cravings enough to let the progress I had made in writing therapy and changing my life shine through. It is very difficult to end an eating disorder, I hope I'll never relapse again, but...

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I did! I was a binge eater and bulimic. Once I cut out all the junk and started eating as much fruit as I cared for, that all stopped. I would recommend a low fat raw vegan diet to anyone struggling with disordered eating. :)



  • saramsaram Raw Newbie

    Yep. Not fully recovered, but don't know if I expect to be anytime soon. It has certainly helped. It means I can eat all day long and has been helpful in my attempts to stop counting calories -which had become ingrained/daily behaviour. I'm starting to learn what 'full' and 'hungry' feel like again and for whatever reason if I eat MORE raw fats like nuts and avocado I actually feel lighter/slimmer the next day.

  • @swayze: i agreed with you with the low fat raw veg diet >>peace. Anyway i could help any related candida problem if you have and how to cure candida. This site www.howtocurecandida.com really help me a lot.

  • janie1669janie1669 Raw Newbie

    Be careful that compulsive behaviors do not manifest themselves in a new ways through the raw lifestyle. Raw food is certainly healing food, but the emotional and ingrained behavior patterns that go along with eating disorders can translate into any way of eating and need additional resources. Try finding a good therapist near you. They can assist you on your journey of finding peace and coping with your E.D. As someone who is a psychology doctoral student, many therapists are becoming aware of the psychological healing powers of food. Interview your therapist carefully and find someone who understands your values and the importance you place on your raw lifestyle. Lots of love from me to you!


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Not raw but i most likely put too rest my orthorexia via a vegan diet. Anytime i ate anything which i deemed unhealthy i beat myself up mentally so hard that everything became a horrible challenge. Im sure most with ED can relate to that also.

    It was a horrible time, the power of the mind is a strong one, i half wonder if half the reactions i had to this "unhealthy food" were purely psychologically based, in that before i had even ate a spoonful i had already pre-programmed what bad results and feelings it was going to cause.


  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    I COMPLETELY agree with Janie. Please be careful. I came to raw looking for hope, really. I had a long history of bad bad relationships with food, and going Raw really did help heal some of those wounds. However, my problems started to sneak back up on me...if I ever "slipped up" with raw by eating something cooked, it would turn into a "cook binge" and, it all got very much out of control. I began to think of cooked food as "bad" and myself as a failure. It can be a very slippery slope for those of us who have this kind of background. We always need to be a few steps ahead of ourselves no matter what diet we follow...

  • raw-ey teenagerraw-ey teenager Raw Newbie

    ive only been in recovery for about a month. and trying to be raw for about 5 days.

    it has helped IMMENSELY. i dont feel guilty when i eat something unless its alot of nuts and stuff. but i always tell myself. "dont worry. its good for you" and im still transitioning so whenever i eat "cooked" food i feel some kind of guilt. but its not like before where i would rush anywhere to do it.


  • GypsyForestGypsyForest Raw Newbie

    I agree with Janie and ambergirl!

    I am currently suffering from binge eating disorder, I went raw for a month and that seemed to dissapear. I was forced to face the emotions behind the binges each night because binging on fruit wasn't appealing or worth the money I would have to pay

    But I sliipped up on New Years and I have been bingeing on cooked worse than before ever since. It can be a slippery slope... If you suffer with B.E.D you still have to focus on the WANT part of food (including how you'll feel afterwards,) trust yourself that the choices will balance eventually and remember not ban yourself from anything..

  • FawnMFawnM Raw Newbie

    Eating raw has totally transformed my relationship with food too. It's the best I've felt about food since I can remember. But I agree with those who've commented that a raw food diet helps eating disorders but it is not a cure. However, feeding our body and our brain the nutrients for them to function properly is a good start. I've found that I feel (physically and mentally) best when I keep myself from spiking my blood sugar and when I limit my nut intake. Also, an occasional 1-3 day juice fast really gets me back in touch with my true appetite.

    It's great that you posed the question. This is a difficult topic for many of us to talk about, but that's where the healing starts.


  • RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

    Going raw saved my life. My ED almost killed me. Being raw has finally allowed me to be at peace with food. To know my story just click on the link below.


    I aslo have a blog where I document my life post ED.


  • valentinavalentina Raw Newbie

    I have had 35 years! of binge eating/disordered eating that I was only ever able to escape from by following the raw diet. It makes the obsessions with food quiet down to a dull roar- no sugar/fat/flour combos to stimulate a binge!  It made eating so easy -if it's raw and made by the earth to eat-eat it! if it's made in a factory or by humans-don't! it frees your life up immensely. But now- the caveat....if you are prone to binge eating you WILL , most likely, binge if you do eat anything non-raw again. the trick is to commit, completely and wholeheartedly, to being raw forever.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Some of the stories on here are great. You are all awesome!

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