So I decided to try to make the push to 100 percent raw. I have been close, the only thing I really cheated on was pasteurized apple and orange juice.

But today has been the first day I pitched in a lot of extra money and started juicing my fruits for my juices. WOW! I can tell the difference, but my stomach can feel the difference also. I havent been feeling good in the stomach, but my energy seems fantastic. I know its probably just a detox.

Question though, I drink A LOT of juice. I have a juicer, but not one of those uber uber expensive ones that make the pulp into juice also. It takes 4 apples to make a little over a cup of juice, and i drink almost 3 cups of apple juice a day!

Are there ways to make the most of my juicing? Like when I use all that juice in my smoothies, just add the pulp with it?


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Jdk- you can take the peeled orange and put the whole thing in a high speed blender with some ice and drink. It’s really good- like an orange julius! That way one orange makes two cups! The white part of the orange is good to eat because that’s where the calcium is stored.

    Do you add any greens to your juices? Maybe if you added some celery or melon it would be easier on your stomach. They seem less acidic. Also drink plenty of water!

    Do you ever juice sprouts? That would be a good thing to add in. I read that sprouts have b12 today in a cookbook I have. I would love to believe that.

  • I add kale to my juices. But my juicer spits out all the leaves and I only get like a 1/4 cup of kale juice, maybe less. Ive been thinking of doing watermelong juice, cause its nice and cheap and HUGE and would last me a while.

    I never juiced sprouts. I usually buy my sprouts when recipes call for it but I want to start making my own.

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    hey jdk – I also have a pretty cheap blender, and what I do to make my juices stretch is just add water! I find pure juice to be a little overpowering for me, so watering it down makes it more manageable AND more economical. Adding water may also make the juices less acidic and reduce any digestive problems. Also, writeeternity makes a good point by suggesting mixing in veggie with your juices. Celery is mostly water and is relatively inexpensive.

    Well good luck!

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