US doles out millions for street cameras

I can’t make up my mind on whether goneraw should be a raw sanctuary that is above these types of posts or not.

Still, cameras and the like seem to be sneaking into our world without any debate or discussion so I think it’s good for wise raw people to be informed.

newspaper article on cameras being installed in U.S. cities


  • I am interested in this stuff. I guess I am torn though because I like my privacy but being a woman I do think the streets are safer with any deterant we can get. I’d like to see cameras at food handling facilities more often. I mean we have no idea what is happening with the food we get. I heard coconuts have formaldehyde in them and most imported teas are contaminated with lead- etc. It’s scary.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Here’s something “similar”... but not quite because it’s not “real time”... but the images are pretty clear!…

  • Hi W.E.

    okay, off topic, but what is this formaldehyde in pineapples business? Do they inject them or spray them or how does that work?

    germin8. Yes, I’ve seen that google maps thing. I really do think there’s a difference between one solitary person taking a street level picture with a camera and someone collating every single street view in a city. And you’re right it is pretty similar. You can’t tell me google may not be interested in slowly turning up the heat. First it will be pictures once a day. then once every 5 minutes. Pretty soon every 30 seconds. and before you know it, voila.. moving pictures.

    what’s your opinion on the google street view? Is it an invasion of privacy?

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