are freeze dried foods raw?

I was wondering if freeze dried food were considered raw.. sicne I see a lot of raw food stores carrying freeze dried products.

Also, how is ice cream raw?

How about unrefined whole cane sugar, is that raw?


  • Good questions. I was wondering about the freeze dried food question too and after looking at a couple of websites, I've determined that some can be considered raw, but you have to find out how the food was processed first as some have been blanched before being frozen.

    I am taking a guess at the ice cream question. I guess that if you do dairy and buy unpasturized milk at a local farm - more than likely underground, you can make raw ice cream. The milk available commercially has been essentially cooked to kill bacteria and give it a longer shelf life.

    I've read something about being careful about the "raw" sugar as not all are equal, some actually put coloring in to give it the brown color, but I rarely use sugar, so I didn't investigate it further. I was, however, puzzled on my last sugar purchase at Whole Foods, because they a "Vegan" certified Cane Sugar through their 365 store brand and I couldn't figure out why there would be a vegan distinction. Are there non vegan sugars out there? I bought it because of their claim to provide better wages to the cane workers and their 1% donation to fight poverty.

  • Most available sugars are processed with bone char from animals.

  • Thanks Amm for clarifying that for me.

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