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Free Giveaway! Package of Maca

hello raw food fans!

i am giving away an 8 oz. package of 100% Organic Real Raw Maca Powder, Ultimate Superfoods brand. i bought it at LifeThyme Natural Foods for $13.29 a while ago and just don't care for it. i've used maybe a spoonful. the expiration date is January 2, 2011. because this product needs to be refrigerated after opening i cannot mail it; i'm hoping i can give it to someone local, here in new york city (manhattan). i can meet you and give you the package. i don't want to throw it out because i don't believe in wasting food.

please email me at indoor.voice@yahoo.com if you'd like it. or send me a message here (not sure that's possible, actually.)



  • The maca is taken! Thank you. :)

  • Thanks for the maca - I've already started experimenting!

  • Speaking of free, if anyone's interested Sweet Wheat is giving away samples of their freeze-dried wheatgrass juice powder at www.sweetwheat.com There's a button right on the home page with info on how to get it. It's 100% certified organic, gluten-free and (of course) 100% raw.


  • SWEET!

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