Raw vs cooked carrots

An experiment carried out at the Institute of Food Research in 2009 showed that the body can absorb about 5% of the beta carotene from a single carrot, whereas when it is boiled, the carrot released 60% and blended and then boiled a whopping 90%!!

So then its better to eat cooked carrots.

Mabey I should be cooking my carrots instead of eating them raw.



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Yeah many foods such as carrots are better cooked.

    There are some i choose to steam/cook also such as the vegetables which contain goitrogens(compounds that interfere with thyroid function) such as broccoli, kale etc. Its all fine being raw but if its going to make me ill theres little point and from someone who had suffered hypothyroidism as part of adrenal fatigue i never want to go back to how horrible that was again. Constant Puffy face(hated that), extreme fatigue, very cold constantly, no libido, depression. It was horrible. Cooking for 10 minutes inactivates the goitrogenic compounds.


  • I eat alot of fruit a day, but sometimes I dont want anything sweet anymore, Is cooked quinoa ok to eat?

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    Sure it is, just dont go overboard on the grains Sweet. I dont see how saying just because its cooked it isnt optimal, its been shown to have higher levels of nutrients cooked. Not everything is the best raw.


  • I love quinoa though, You mean I can become obese eating quinoa everyday? Can someone become obese eating healthy food, even if its not processed junk. For example eating only apples and quinoa everyday. LOL Just curious?

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    Weight gain is dependent on one thing consuming more calories than you expend. So yeah you can become overweight then eventually obese by consuming more calories than your using up.

    All i meant was dont go too heavy on the grains, nothing wrong with a good portion a day, quinoa is a very healthy food, prebiotic fibre, rich in amino acids etc. I try to eat a moderate amount of everything rather than large amounts of one type of food and has always worked well for me.


  • So then its possible to become fat eating three bowls of quinoa a day, including some fruit?

    Is it bad to eat 2500 calories a day?

  • Oh and is quinoa better to eat than bananas? which will promote weight gain banans or quinoa? Because I dont want to gain any weight I just want to maintain.

  • The thing with me is that I dont like having much veriety in my diet , i feel better consuming 1 to 3 different foods a day. I think you would gain if youd eat chocolate all day with 2500 calories ,than eating 2500 calories of only quinoa and fruit, I wouldnt think I would gain weight with that?

  • I always had some sort of an eating disorder, I consume more of only one thing, But the healthy food. I remember I used to eat alot of white rice, I never gained, Is brown rice better than quinoa in your opinion? I think I have an emotional eating disorder . I though I f I ate a raw food diet , like eating as much of fruit I want I would feel better but I actually felt worse, I always have to be perfect and not eat cooked.But I noticed that I actually felt better and was happier eating cooked quinoa , but not the unhealthy cooked food like pizza, I would never touch that.

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    It does sound as if you have issues with eating and possibly disorder, have you tried talking to a professional. I also used to have major problems when it came to eating but my problem was if i ate anything remotely unhealthy id beat myself up mentally so bad and it made me really ill both physically and mentally from the stress. Luckily i got over it but it was a horrible time, so maybe talking to someone would help you. Brown rice and quinoa are both good, both contain different nutrients and such but there both decent healthy foods. I prefer quinoa myself

    Again its the calories in vs the calories expended. Although there are some factors which make absorption quicker such as the fiber content, it all boils down to if you talking in more calories than you consume. But that doesnt necessarily mean that if you were to go over calories for one day you'd become overweight. Some eat masses of calories and still put on little weight due to the rate of there metabolism.

    Id say truthfully if your only eating 1 to 3 different foods a day, your probably not getting a good variety of different nutrients which could become dangerous short or long term in my opinion. Try and widen the variety and dont worry about weight gain as much, it doesnt happen over night and a little healthy exercise even if its just going for a walk daily can do the world of good.


  • Ok thanks, Im a cashier and stand up most fo the time, do you burn calories by standing up all day at work, my job can be stressfull, I think I also eat because of stress. I remember when I was younger mabey 12 I would eat a whole box of cookies or even eat a whole box of cereal, or box of premium plus crackers, the thing is I could eat the whole box eat it everyday and never gain. I think I have a different metabolism, it goes pretty fast. I would then feel guilty for eating the whole thing so I would excersise for like 2 hours to try and burn the calories and then wouldnt eat for the rest of the day, But now I dont eat unhealthy food anymore, because I feel guilty if I would ever eat one cookie, Now I just eat healthy, but now even with healthy food I can feel guilty if eaten in large amounts. But It shouldnt be bad.

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    What helped me was eating healthy also, but if i do ever slip up i dont be hard on myself anymore, the only person it ends up hurting is myself and i never want to go back to that mental stress. As long as im eating healthy the majority of the time im healthy and happy.

    Being on your feet will burn calories, by the sounds of it you have a healthy fast metabolism anyway so id try not to worry about calories and counting them. Just eat a varied healthy diet and you'll be fine. But really dont try to limit to just a few foods daily as you will be missing many essential nutrients and you'll end up feeling worse aswell as slowing your metabolism and system down.

    Im quite busy but if you ever need to chat you can get me on here or via my site:).


  • Sure!Thank you so much for your help:) I feel better talking about it .

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    Not a problem sweet, if i can help in anyway im glad too:), try and de-stress and not focus on food as much also helps, its easier said than done i know especially when foods a large part of our lives.

    take care


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