"Un-Cooking" Courses

Hi Everybody,

I'm StaceyJ a Low Fat, Raw, Vegan, Natural Hygienic Chef w/ over 4 years experience working in raw food restaurants in LA as well as on Health retreats at wellness centers in costa rica.

I am excited to start my very own "Un-Cooking" Courses. This next course on 11/27 will be my 2nd class and it will be all about Detoxing!!!

I thought this was a great topic to discuss right after Thanksgiving & before the holidays & new year. Why not Treat your body to a wonderful well needed turn of the season detox, and have someone experienced walk you through how to do this deliciously & safely!!!

please check out my youtube channel for videos on recipes, my TV Show debut, and further information about myself @ youtube.com/StaceyHeartsFruit

They will be held in Los Angeles on 11/27 at 11:00am-12:30pm

at a restaurant I am renting out called Mooi

10$ w/ RSVP to RawBeautyChallenge@gmail.com

I really hope to see you there!





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