Starting a Raw Food Snack Company - Need YOUR Help!

CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

Hello everybody, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm here today seeking your help. I was first introduced to raw foods just over two-years ago and my diet has consisted of varying amounts of high-raw ever since.

I especially have a passion for using foods as energy. I'm an avid rock climber, runner, and cyclist and love fueling my body on raw foods. I also travel a lot and see a need for raw snack foods.

This has lead to me starting up Adventure Naturals. But before we can actually start producing we need to raise $10,000 in startup costs. Half of that my business partner and I should be able to fund, but we are using Kickstarter to raise the other half.

If you would like to make a small donation to our cause we are giving gifts for every giving level.

Check out the project at:

Thanks for your time!

Chris and Caleb

Adventure Naturals



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I wish you's all the best at starting up the business:).

    Would you be willing to part with a percentage of the company for the desired capital?


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    No, that is why we are soliciting "donations" for our startup funding. But each giving level does receive a gift.

    Thanks. My business partner and I are both very excited about the venture.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Not a problem im always looking to invest and you potential venture sounded good.

    Hope you get the desired amount and are able to grow from there:)


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Bump, hey peeps just thought I would bump this up to the surface. Fund raising is going a little slower than I expected. Please take a moment to check out or project. Everybody who donates at least $5 gets a free energy bar!


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