childhood eczema

Good day everyone!

My 2,5 years old daughter Maya has eczema on her forearms and not as much along the arm down to the hand.

Any efficient remedy? I apply lavender oil ,olive oil ,coconut oil as well she is taking fish oil suppliments. Aloe vera juice?

I'm in pain just by watching her scratching her little cute arms! Please Help me!

Many Thanks to all!



  • Unfortunately I've got eczema again now that the cold weather has come creeping along bringing its dryness with it. A lot of it is probably the hot and long showers I take. When I was little I used to have eczema on my arms, the place where your arm bends.

    Aloe Vera juice seemed to help. A great idea would be to wrap her arms in medical wrappings so she doesn't scratch, my mom did that to me and it helped tremendously!! A big part of it is the scratching - it just makes it worse so wrapping it does wonders.

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    Search my other posts on here about eczema, eczema is down to part adrenal gland dysfunction and part mild liver toxicity/stagnation.

    The reason why some kids get adrenal gland related disorders such as eczema, asthma, allergies is because there adrenal glands havent properly matured. Its also the reason why most grow out of it also.

    As she is young the best bet would be foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin b5.

  • Thank you!

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