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Master Cleanse?

Hi all … if you have tried this master cleanse please tell me you’r review and experience with it.

i would like to fast for at least 10 days and this seems to have some great reviews … also alot of people comment on weight loss with it as well …

sooo please share your thoughts on the cleansing aspect and weight loss aspect of the “cleanse” :D

thank you!!


  • Yup, I want to do this clense too… Id love to hear some personal stories…

  • I have wanted to for a long time now. I have all the ingredients to do so,I guess I just really like to eat food and really don’t want to give up the green smoothie. What are your reasons for wanting to do the cleanse? Mine are for digestive reasons etc.

  • I have done the master cleanse several times in the past 1 1/2 years (all before going raw but I have been vegetarian for 10 years). I have done two 10-day cleanses (one in Jan 06 and one in April 07) and two 4-day cleanses (attempting to complete 10 days but gave up). You definitely need to be in the right mind-set to do it. The first time I was definitely the most excited/inspired to do it and it was the easiest as far as cravings go. I was never hungry, but it’s so hard to go 10 days without chewing anything! As far as weight loss goes, I wouldn’t really recommend it for that. I did it as more of a detox/cleaning the slate. I lost an average of 12 lbs with each 10-day cleanse (I am average weight/height) but gained at least half of it back within the first few weeks of being off of it. Most of the weight you lose is the compacted poo that we carry around in our intestines all the time – on the master cleanse, since you don’t eat anything you lose all of this. This is probably the weight that is quickly gained back also. I would guess if you ate raw afterward you may keep off some of the weight that I gained back (I always returned to a SAD vegetarian diet).

    If you are interested in learning more, you can find the whole text of the book written by Stanley Burroughs here I would definitely read it before you begin.

    Let me know if you have any other questions – I am happy to help!

  • thanx for the info …

    what about taking my birth control pill … will it still be effective while on the cleanse? or is the cleanse just gonna push it out??

  • i did and i was ok – i think medication is different since it’s metabolized differently than food (?).

  • i have done the master cleanse twice now. i mainly did it to get rid of sickness and the holiday junk food weight. the first cleanse i did, i was on birth control pills but i waited to do it while i was on my period so i wouldn’t be taking the pill during the process. i had almost zero side effects. i felt amazing after the 10 days. all mucous was gone, my ears opened up…i was even exercising. the last time i didn’t wait till my period so i was taking my birth control during, and boy oh boy, did i feel like crap the entire time! i felt weak and frail and the only thing i can think of that i did differently was the birth control pills. in the book there is mention of staying free of medications during the cleanse. i felt as if my body was trying to detox the pills from my system. i don’t suggest doing it while on the pill. wait till your period to do it.
    that being said, it does change your cravings of junk food/sugar and really does get rid of mucous, acne, oily skin and yeast as well as weight loss. you tend to gain back the weight, but slowly. i recommend doing it mainly as a cleanse though. it does work. at the master cleanse website, they suggest taking a probiotic, triphala and green tea pills when you are done to get your body back in working order. here is their website for more info: Website Link.
    another cleanse i heard was amazing is the oxy-powder colon cleanse. it’s all-natural and you can still eat raw food when you are on it. here is that site Website Link.

  • Hey Girls, I did water fasting for a week and juice fasting for the next 4days before starting raw diet.It done miracle, I was psoriatic, my skin was 80% damaged, i was fighting with medicines for 16 years but it always flared up. In the 6th day of fasting i noticed my skin is becoming healthy, by 10th day 60% of my skin was dark and shiny. I never had a temptation to break my fast but did it on my Natural Hygenist’s advice. Only the second morning i was little drowsy.I became OK after taking bath and sun bath.I do fasting for a day every week.Planning for a long fast in my next vaccation. I don’t advice any medicines during fasting as it is againt our aim.Any medicine is a toxin,having it and trying to detox is opposite. Have a word with your partner and try non medical tecniques.We have a 4yr old daughter, and my wife doesn’t take any pills, nor she use any form of contraception. Best of luck-RQ

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    I’ve done the Master Cleanse a couple of times, as well as doing a yearly 30 day juice fast for 7 years. I’m currently doing a 17 day water fast (day 11).
    My experience with the master cleanse was mediocre. It wasn’t that fantastic for weight loss (and maple syrup isn’t raw…). I don’t usually feel hungry with any type of fasting and there is so much sugar in this cleanse it’s no wonder.
    The good thing about the Master Cleanse is that you can continue to do all your daily routine of work, gym, exercise etc without any worry. Juice fasting I found to be better,.. more varied in flavour, more energy, same benefits of minimum weight loss and detox. ( I am average size)
    Water fasting is really the only true cleansing/detox where the body in it’s wisdom pulls out all the nasties as only it knows how.

    If you have time to do a 7 day water fast, the benefits are astounding!

    Good luck!

  • I have done the master cleanse and fasted (just drinking juices), and I definitely preferred the master cleanse because I did not feel the strong detox symptoms on the Master cleanse. While fasting, I felt really crummy and my cravings were strong, but with the Master cleanse, I felt more balanced, and my energy level did not drop and rise as drastically. The only down side for me was that the lemonade became monotonous at times. I am planning to do a five day master cleanse next week, only this time, I plan to drink wheatgrass juice a few times a day.

  • I’m on my second day of the master cleanse. I don’t feel terribly hungry but I’m a little weak. After doing the salt water flush I’ve been in the bathroom so much and I’m so nauseous I can’t work. I work for a chiropractor and he warned me about my liver shutting down so he dropped by a protein powder that he advised me to mix with water. Right now I feel really sick and I’m craving fruit. I had a nibble of an apple and ran straight to the bathroom :( Not sure If I’ll do this again. Maybe I need something milder.

  • I did a 40 day master cleanse beginning in mid July and ending in late August. It really changed my life for the better. Prior to the cleanse, I wouldn’t have considered vegetarian, much less vegan recipes, but here I am… You really do need to be in the right frame of mind to begin (and definitely to stay on) the cleanse. If you’re interested, there is a great forum at http://www.mastercleanser.com You will find answers to almost any question you might have and lots of support if you do decide to try the cleanse. If I’m remembering correctly, there is some concern about whether or not your BC pill would be effective during the cleanse, so an alternate method is recommended while you’re cleansing. Also if you’re concerned about the maple syrup, lots of people use agave nectar instead and find it works just as well for them. You can also switch between lemons and limes, or a combination if you want a little variety. Best wishes…

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I’ve done the Master Cleanse a few time, for just 3-4 days each. I felt detoxing symptoms the entire time (some flu-like feelings, sometimes headaches and often tired). I’ve always felt really good afterwards and have been glad for the experience.

    I recently saw a short piece on fad weight loss diets of the stars and the Master Cleanse was one of them. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as a weight loss measure although I usually find that I loose a couple pounds a day (but gain 1/2 back right after). Rather, it is a fantastic opportunity to detox and take a bit more time in the day to walk and rest (rather than creating meals).

  • I agree with Kandace. If you are water-fasting, you would need to stay on bed. In my case, after 48 hours fasting for the first time, I could not get out of bed because I could fait but that is very natural. I you are not overweight, you could fast up to 14 days, you will still loose wet, but not as much as if you were overweight. I would not recomend a 10 day fast if you could not go to bed, if we are talking about a water-fast. If you do not have 10 days you can spend in bed, then I would recomend something like 48 hours water-fast, then just one fresh fruit meal, then 48 hours water-fast again, then just one fresh fruit meal, then maybe 24 hours and so on. Still, if you are water-fasting for the first time and you are very toxic, you could get strong violent symptoms after 24 hours fast and you would probably still have to go to bed. If you are working or have day week responsabilities that you cannot give up, I would schedule the water-fast for the weekends and try to delegate your responsabilities to somebody else. Do do try to prepare meals while fasting because it could feel as torture to your subconcious. That is my advice out of my own experience.

  • I did the master cleanse for the full ten days, and I swear my brother is a marathoner when it concerns the cleanse. I lost the hunger feeling after a few days, but it felt like my teeth needed to chew on something. That feeling became rather annoying. In my experiance, and observing friends or family who have fasted, 90% of the weight loss is only temporary. However, my skin seemed much clearer and my eyes did as well.

    One thing I would recomend is not to let the cayenne pepper sit for a long time with the mixture. Me and my friend decided to cleanse in high school, so it was easier just to make a huge batch and sip it throughout the day, but the longer it sits the weirder it begins to taste.

    Having now done further research I would say your efforts would be better directed at cleansing the intestines and colon. Or you can do something called the “ultimate cleanse” which incorporates both. You basically do the master cleanse while also using bentonite clay, fiber, and herbs.

  • I have found that the cleanse was much easier for me when I was not raw, but the results were better for me now that I am raw. When I was non raw, it took a couple of days before I started to feel weak and shaky. And then after that, I would have good days and bad days. I did it for 14 days, and it was a generally positive experience. However, a couple of weeks ago I set out to do a 4 day, and only made it three days because I was just so so out of it, and with a small baby, I could not indulge myself by going on in that state. However, when I came off it, I felt really excellent. My theory is that now that i am raw, my body got down to the nitty-gritty from the beginning, and it was a very efficient cleanse unlike when I was non raw. Btu that is just a theory.

  • I’ve done a ten day Master Cleanse before and I’m going to start a 14 day MC tomorrow followed by a 21 day in late November. I enjoyed it, my energy levels were really good considering. My reasons for doing the MC was to not feel so bloated and to give my body a good cleanse but also for weight loss. I really don’t understand why people advocate against doing the Master Cleanse for weight loss. I think it can be a great tool if done properly! You do have to realize a bit will be gained back due to water and poop loss but if you eat a healthy raw diet afterwards and continue to exercise (which you should be doing while on the MC as well) you will keep a good amount off. At least I did. I feel that the body needs to be cleaned from all those nasty toxins and such to promote weight loss and the MC for me was wonderful for clearing the slate for a healthy lifestlye. Good luck to you if you do it!

  • I personally prefer juicing for cleansing/detox. It does require a determined mindset. When I feel too weak or detoxy, I sometimes drink some hot miso broth or have a small piece of fruit or small smoothie to pull through.

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