Trader Joe's Cashews

Well, what do you know? They sprouted!

I left some soaking for two days (thought I'd need to make milk for my kids sooner than I did) and they were sporting tails when I rinsed them off! I'd just assumed that their "raw" nuts were flash pasteurized like their juices are...evidently not! Hooray! I doubt this is true for their raw almonds, but I just bought some so we'll see...


  • They're Trader Joe's brand? Do you think you could send me a link of where I can by them? Or next time when I go to Trader Joes (which is a while away) I'll pick some up. :) Thanks!

  • Yeah, Munchies, they were definitely the TJ house brand, and as far as I know they don't sell online. I keep forgetting that not everyone lives across the street from a Trader Joe's, lol.

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