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Hi all,

My name is Aurora (or Rory, for short), and I've joined this forum because I need some support! I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and am an editor and reporter for a community newspaper called The Calgary Journal (www.calgaryjournalonline.ca). Every month, we do a feature known as "Dare Us," where a reporter tries something they've never done before. I'm working on a feature for our next issue, and have decided to go raw vegan for a week. I need help though... I had a friend who was raw vegan, but he has since fallen off the wagon. I'm already quite conscious of my food choices (eat organic, local when possible, make things from scratch, etc.), but I am just venturing into the world of raw veganism, and I'm feeling a little bit lost.

Any advice for a newbie?


  • How come your friend fell off the wagon? I've only been a raw vegan for 4 days and I feel amazing, I get the majority of my calories from fruits mainly bananas and I love them. :) Definitely check out the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Douglas N. Graham.This post is also interesting in the meantime.


    A fast transition was good and easy for me but that's because I've been a vegetarian for 5 years, vegan for about 7 months, cut out bread for 5 months and already ate some raw foods. I'm not sure what would work for you, but in the beginning I've heard some people need the emotional numbing to help them transition to raw. Such as dehydrated foods, very dense foods some cooked foods so they can feel that heavy feeling they've grown to love. But again, whatever works for you. I highly recommend you experiment.

    Personally I believe a LOW fruit, HIGH fat raw diet is the reason why people FAIL on the raw food diet. HIGH fruit, LOW fat all the way! :)

    Make sure you have on hand plenty of ripe fruit 24/7. Keep it in the car, around your house, at work, ect.

    Go slow if you need to. Best of luck to you on your journey!

  • Rory!

    Welcome and good luck and good for you for the courage!

    I've been raw vegan for 2 years. Here is what helped me stay raw for the first week:

    - make a large green smoothie in the morning & take it with you to work (go to rawfamily.com to find recipes) - this kills cravings for cooked food

    - find a lunch spot which serves salads or juices and load up on that stuff

    - if you are hungry for a snack during the day, eat raw nuts/seeds or buy a juice from a juice bar

    - for dinner, if you have time, prepare a large salad with lots of great stuff (healthy fats, sprouts, superfoods, etc)

    Just so you know, many doctors in the raw food community- both MD and ND-- actually advocate against the 80/10/10 diet. I'm referencing Dr Gabriel Cousens MD and Dr Brian Clement ND PhD Nutrition.

    You can find out more about those doctors at treeoflife.nu or hippocratesinst.org.

    Hope that helps!

    Yafa Sakkejha

    House of Verona


  • Oh - also go wild trying the recipes on this site - this site is the best out there for amazing recipes which mimic your favourite cooked foods.

    Good luck Rory!

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