Not totally Newbie

Hello everyone! I'm not totally new to the raw food lifestyle..about 2 years ago my daughter and I gave it a go for about 1 month..Of course we felt great could think clearly, skin glowed etc...but as many of you know, old habits die hard. Since I am nearing my late forties I have been feeling awful..perimenopausal symptoms kicking in or should I say been going on lightly and sporadically throughout the years. I'm just tired of feeling bad. Soooo I began a food blog and changed my twitter page to inspire me to live this lifestyle all by choice and with great happiness. I am very excited to say the least and I am cherishing every pure piece of food that enters my palate. Here is my new blog..please come by to tell me what you think..I sure could use some pointers..Best wishes to everyone! Laura Best Wishes

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