stocking a raw pantry

recently, i have been seeing a bit of a shift in what's in a lot of raw and vegan recipes. i am just wondering what you guys try to ensure is ALWAYS in your fridge/pantry.


  • I don't actually use recipes, but I'm always stocked on bananas, and cans of peaches and pineapples. Usually lettuce or spinach and some canned vegetables too.

  • I love bananas too, but then again who doesn't? :)

    My family keeps plenty of freeze-dried wheatgrass juice powder ( ) on hand in our kitchen because it's raw and a good thing to toss into smoothies or mix with juice. The kids don't even complain.

  • Greens, bell peppers, bananas, and apples. Beyond that it shifts around.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Ripe fruit is a must and tender greens like bib lettuce are important too. I pretty much always have ripe bananas around, not because they're absolutely necessary in a raw diet, but because they're calorically dense, available, cheap, and very tasty.

    In fact, their is no fruit or vegetable that you must eat for health. Just eat a good variety of fruit, greens, and limit your nuts, seeds, and avocado and that's really it! :)



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