Pineapples at home in a pot!

Many of you probably already know this already. If you put the top of the pineapple in a planter after you cut it off, another pineapple will grow! You don’t need a very large pot either. My dad told me this, and lo & behold, we saw it when we went to the botanical gardens!

I grow blueberries in the pot too. I’m going to be experimenting with more veggies in pots because I want to grow things during the winter and need a way to bring them in during the snow. I’m also going to create a temporary greenhouse on my deck this winter. =)


  • WOOO I am so excited about this thread. So you are growing them indoors? Do you supplement light what about temp…special soil? Tell me everything. I have wanted to have a kitchen garden forever but every time I tried it doesnt work out! Any tips or ticks out there?

  • I haven’t done it yet. But I plan to put it by my sliding glass door in my kitchen. That way I can put it outside and bring it in. I’m just using regular soil, and probably stuff from my compost. The botanical gardens had their plant inside near the gift shop. There was light, but not direct sunlight all day.

    I do really well growing things in pots. I've grown all types of peppers, tomatoes, herbs. I'm also going to try an artichokes, as they take so long to come to maturity. This is the first year that I've had a yard, and I'm trying things in the ground this year too.
  • I have tomatoes,red peppers,and many kinds of herbs in my garden,and my husbund and I are thinking in having a greenhouse for the winter.I did the pineapple but outside and the animals ate it.Now I’ll do inside,thanks for the tip lapetitemort.

  • WOW! I am going to try this! What a way to save some money! =)

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