modified juice feast!!!

Hello beautiful beings!

I'm new to this forum...sorta. I'm one of those raw food enthusiasts that do searches on this forum all the time but never bother to sign up. I'm about to start a long modified juice feast, so I figured now would be a good time to meet some new folks and get more involved in the community! My story? I've been aware of the raw vegan lifestyle for almost two years now, and I've adopted many of the principles into my life. I'm not even close to being 100% raw yet because I'm the type of person that needs to take things very slowly.

I'm getting married on May 21st, and my fiance is moving here shortly (we've been long distance the whole time we've been together). He isn't a health food junky by ANY standards, but he is really interested in starting so I will be cooking healthy things with him and helping him un-cook for the next 6 months or so. Therefore, I won't be 100% raw or 100% juice feasting during the time before my wedding. However, I've been feeling really run down lately and want to do SOMETHING. I want to take this time before my wedding to heal, grow spiritually, improve my mindset, and become re-energized.

My plan is to drink at least 3 quarts of fresh juice each day and also eat a healthy meal. I'm also planning on doing a full day of juice feasting at least once per week and maybe even more, using the traditional 4-5+ quarts of juice recommended by the Rainosheks. On top of this I'll be starting off with a 10 day juice fast/feast...and today is day 1.

I have a few questions. 1-has anyone here completed an extended modified juice feast before? 2-I want to track my progress, would it be appropriate to do so here? or would it be better to make a blog instead? 3-does anyone want to join in with me? It doesn't need to be for the whole time, but I'm lonely and I would love to pair up with any other juice feasters who might be out there! 4- I sometimes run into the problem where all my juices seem to taste similar...does anyone have any fun ideas for non-traditional or strange combinations that work well?

thanks for your help!


p.s. yes I'm on, but the green room doesn't seem to be very active lately.

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