New here - try to go raw

Hi, I finally found this website... I think I've attempted to go raw in one form or another since 2006... I've successfully been vegan (mostly) since April of this year... and I'm ready to make the step to raw now, with support. I only could go vegan with online support, so I'm assuming it will surely be the same for me with this even bigger step of trying to go raw. I think the most I've ever gone eating only raw is 24 hrs, don't know why it's so hard, hoping online support will reap rewards.


  • Hi Calico. I am new to raw as well and looking for support too. I am glad I found this site. However, it seems to me that 4 years is a long time to try to go completely raw, so why not resign yourself to just one cooked vegan meal a day? You can always choose to go on a raw feast for one week of the month. I think that might help ease your anxiety and then after a while you can try to go 1 1/2 weeks then maybe two, etc. That is kind of my plan anyway.

    Maybe we can help each other to not beat ourselves up! ]:}~

  • I am looking for another lady to be my raw vegan buddy online, over Facebook preferably... that's how I was able to go vegan in the first place. Interested, you or anyone else? In the span of four years, I've not been attempting raw constantly, just every so often attempted it... and lately I have like you said resigned myself to just trying to eat "more raw"... but I think with a raw buddy I would definitely be able to make more progress... just something about having someone else to "answer" to, and help keep mutually motivated helps spur you on.... especially when almost everyone else around you is looking at you like you have five heads, lol!

  • I would be happy to be a support partner, if you don't mind that I am transitioning into going completely raw. It would be nice to rally a few people up. My goal is to eat up all the SAD food I have by having one cooked meal at noon time and then just not buying anymore. I am still on the fence about giving up steaming veggies and eating tofu for the protein, and drinking non fat milk and yogurt for the calcium. I have a lead to get raw goat's milk, but I cannot have it right now. Those are my major challenges right now.

  • that's not a problem, with going raw everyone will have their own path, as for me, i know that the first day I try to "go raw" i will be saying a prayer, lol... when I went vegan I felt no need to say a prayer, it was so darn easy... but with this, yes.... they say cooked food is an addiction... who knows I may never be 100% raw, but I sure as heck am going to give it a try... we must never cease to challenge ourselves :) stagnation sucks!


  • For me a huge motivation to go raw is the promise of "don't have to go to the doctor again" I know that's an exagerration but I know it is guaranteed to cut those doctor visits down drastically.... I dislike our medical system, it's all about drugging with pills instead of prevention, I refuse to succumb to it, if I ever get cancer for example, I will try Gerson therapy before chemotherapy... so yeah, my motivation is for my health, my motivation for veganism was for health but also to stop killing poor animals, but with this next step its totally about my own well-being...

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