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Anyone know any cool raw restaurants or meetups in sofla? Or just a good farmers market would do...


  • I lived in Naples and the only place I knew of was Food and Thought where they had one raw meal a day. Now I live in Gainesville, nothin' here. I have heard there are a few in Miami.

  • PinkWatermelonPinkWatermelon Raw Newbie

    Nice to meet someone else from Florida, but I'm up near Tampa so I can't really answer your question. It's pretty hard to find places here too and most people look at me like I'm nuts when I ask.

    Let us know if you see / hear about any raw places down your way.



  • well um. I'm in Miami.

    The restaurants I know of (around here) are the LifeFoods Gourmet, La Vie En Raw. I dont know any others. I do know that every saturday in coconut grove there's this awesome (!) organic farmer's market that sells raw gourmet food and dishes, snacks, etc. all locally grown and prepared. Really good stuff the website is I like the seaweed salads :). The website doesn't have everything they offer, there's always new stuff coming in and out, and besides that not everything is listed either.

    As for meetups, you can go to and become a free member and join any one of the local raw food meetups in your area.

    Where are you located?

    Also, can google a lot of these things.

    Hope everything turns out well.

  • Hi, i am from South Florida , I now reside in North Carolina. There is a great restaurant named SubLime in Ft. Lauderdale. Has a vegan and raw diet menu. I highly recommend it!


  • hey there is a great restaurant "SIMPLY NATURAL" in Sunrise (just google)organic carries some raw dishes and many different raw desserts,prepared by me.

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