Love the recipes here!

I’ve been looking around the site for the last week or so and have enjoyed 5 or 6 recipes already. I’m mommy to two daughters, 16 and 8. I still homeschool the younger one, but the 16 year old is a senior in high school and happy to go to school every day with her friends. I’ve tried Raw Food as a way of eating in the past,but the information I had was very extreme, severely limiting fruits or any sweeteners, so it was difficult to get a lot of variety. I recently went home to Virginia for a few weeks and saw how most of my family, from kids to adults, is suffering the ill effects of the typical Black folks/Southern Diet.It really inspired me to return to Raw Food, striving for 90% of my meals to be raw. With the recipes I’m finding, it’s actually reasonable to have days that are more like 99% raw. I invite my boyfriend and daughters to enjoy as much of it as they choose. (Okay, I push it pretty hard!) Thanks for this wonderful resource!


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    So glad to hear from you, redeiscoverrawfood! The impetus for Gone Raw came from a desire to learn more about raw food (and more recipes). We are inspired daily here by everyone who takes part and shares!

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