Certified Organic Alfalfa, Green Leaf Stevia, Olive Leaf, and Caffine-Free Teas! for sale!

SUEDE HILLS ORGANIC FARM is a family owned and operated busines, run by Phil and Cindy Levington. We are a certified organic farm registered with P.A.C.S. (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society), farm #16-419, under the umbrella of C.O.A.B.C. (Certified Organic Association of B.C.), and C.O.G.(Canadian Organic Regime)

All of our products are hand harvested and naturally dried to retain their full nutritional benefit, as well as "live food" value and qualities. Thus all of our products are suitable for people who adhere to a RAW FOOD or AUTHENTIC FOOD eating style and philosophy.

We have Alfalfa available in powder and capsules. Alfalfa helps your body stay alkaline and gets rid of sickness and disease!

Our Green Leaf Stevia is available in powder in several different sized bags. Stevia, if you haven't heard of it, is a natural sweetener. It is a plant that grows in hot places, the leaves have a sweetness to them. It's safe for diabetics, and hinders the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which helps promote a healthier mouth and keeps cavities from forming.

Our Olive Leaf is available in powder and capsules. Olive Leaf has been used for many years to help boost immune systems and it helps prevent sickness too!

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We are now offering FREE pH Test Strips to anyone that wants to check their pH!



  • We are getting new Stevia recipes in for christmas! Raw Eggnog is our first! Be on the lookout for more delicious holiday stevia recipes!

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