Pregnancy Guide


the ultimate guide

to a Healthy Raw Food Pregnancy


  • Im not away to pay that to view the information, i only hope they have the iodine issue contained.

  • I am going to order it for my oldest daughter, she does some things I tell her and does try other things. I bought her a juicer and I am amazed that she uses it everyday. Sometimes It is so amazing the other daughter thinks I am an idiot and talk to crack heads all day, she just won't except raw as a valid way to live.

  • A nice way to actually guide new mom out there is to have something for them to read on,it would surely help them answer some of their questions about the pregnancy. Anyway pregnancy can be viewewd in two different ways, it could be a blessing but sometimes others consider it as an accident so for couples to avoid accidental and unplanned pregnancy they must make sure to use contraceptives since it will help them a lot.

    Just a few days ago I've read an article that a group of physicians advised the United States Department of Health last Tuesday that all insurance plans should cover contraception for all females.These would mean an easy access for a contraceptive kit for those couples who doesn't want babies in their home yet. The only concern we have about these new policy is that if the recommendation is implemented, it could mean 1 less concern for females struggling to make do in the tough economy. I found this here: Birth control could become free for all health plans

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