Wild Edibles Helpful For Diabetics?

AnnaCarlisleAnnaCarlisle Raw Newbie

I was doing some reading on wild foods recently (not just wild greens, but wild fruits, roots, etc.), and I was really surprised to discover how superior wild food is to the kind of fruit and veg that is available in supermarkets. In one scientific study, domesticated fruit was found to have 3 times more simple sugars and only one-third the fibre content of wild fruit. (i. e. wild food has lower glycemic values). I also found out that wild fruit contains more protein than domesticated fruit, and wild food in general has a lot more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

I have diabetes, so I'm thinking about growing some wild edibles in my backyard and adding them to my diet.

Here's some more info you might find interesting. It's an excerpt from the book "Why Some Like It Hot" by Gary Paul Nabhan:

"we elucidated four factors that could explain why individuals of European descent appear to be less vulnerable to Syndrome X maladies

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