fermented brown rice?

okraokra Raw Newbie


does anyone heard about fermented brown rice (or might has a different name of it)?

i heard it couple years ago but i wan't into it enough to make it at that moment, but now i feel ready for it.

originally this is a cooked brown rice with adzuki beans in a pressure cooker then keep warm on 160F for three to four days to ferment.

it seems pretty big in japan, people says there's a lots of enzyme in it, even its cooked and keeping high temp, still it is a living food.

any opinion or info will be helpful, thank you so much!!!


  • okraokra Raw Newbie

    humm...i guess people doing this only in japan...(i live in michigan)? i wanted know more about it and wanted to hear if anyone experienced it before...

    brown rice seems huge in japan, people who eats raw food eats uncooked sprouted brown rice which i don't see it much here in US.

    anyways, my brown rice(sprouted and cooked in a stone rice cooker, keeping warm in a dehydrator) is day 4 now and has a little of natto(fermented soybeans) smell and color is getting darker.

    tast fine like a normal rice but does feel easy to digest, not heavy after eats.

    keep experimenting and see what my body says..!!!

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