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Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted. This morning I woke up and looked like the Terminator (OK, that's an exaggeration. One eye is pink and the other is normal). My left eye seems a bit inflamed in addition to being red, but there isn't any discharge so I haven't run right to the doctor. Are there any natural remedies out there? I think I have some black tea, and some eyebright and goldenseal (although I think those two may be a little past their prime). Any other ideas? I think I've heard that brocolli juice can be soothing.




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    Hopefully this has cleared up by now, but I find that a drop of colloidal silver put in the eye clears up infections pretty quickly for me--usually by the next day. If not, I follow it up with another drop or two and I'm fine. However, this is an off-label use, so use at your own risk, and don't use more than a tiny bit.

    (PS - Hospitals used to put silver nitrate in babies' eyes after birth to fight infection.)

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