new raw snacks shop on etsy

hi everyone. I just re-started my online snack store on an artisan website that is a one-stop for all things handmade.

my web address is

I am offering all raw vegan snacks and they are made to order, so they aren't sitting around in a warehouse getting stale.

I would appreciate any and all feedback, as well as traffic to my new adventure in raw snacks.

For more info about e you can click on my profile at the site. In a nutshell I am a nutritionist, (holistic), a type 1 diabetic, avid fitness buff, mother, and an artist.

thanks for looking! I really appreciate it!


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    It looks great! But I'd love to know the ingredients for those tasty treats . . .

  • Those lemon drop cookies look delish!! So does the chocolate and the onion bread, all things I love =) Maybe granola bars? I've been looking for inexpensive, dehydrator-free, low-agave granola bars, but these are hard to find in the raw food world. I think any granola bars would sell well, though.

  • thanks for the comments!!

    I'll totally look in to a granola bar. seems easy enough.

    for all of you cool raw food people- I am offering FREE SHIPPING

    use TAHINI as a coupon code

    and spread the word!

  • hi

    the ingredients are listed in the materials section for each listing.

    if you have specific questions about any item just ask!

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