Raw food newbie.

HDH74HDH74 Raw Newbie

Hi all. Just embarking on the raw path. Started transitioning at the beginning of January. Just about got to raw except dinner so far. Basically just got to grips with a range of smoothies and lots of salads so nothing too clever yet. Lots of things sprouting on the windowsill and adding to my stock of ingredients all the time. Really enjoying it so far. Thanks for letting me come hang out with some experts.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Welcome to the forums:)


  • FawnMFawnM Raw Newbie

    Welcome! It's always fun to see fresh excitement come in. Raw is a beautiful world, still waiting to be discovered by so many. Glad you're here!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Welcome, your sprout-sill sounds lovely!

  • HDH74HDH74 Raw Newbie

    One month in. Still transitioning.

    Still learning.

    Found a few recipes I loved, still need to try lots more.

    Sprouting is a doddle, and I love all the bean and seed sprouts.

    Lost 10 pounds yay :)

    Still struggling to get off bread and usually having a cooked dinner.

    Still stocking up on goodies.

    Dehydrator came today wooooot!! :D

    Goal for Feb, get to grips with deydrator and get off the traditional bread. Save some money towards juicer.

    Hope you don't mind me hijacking my little thread, keeping myself motivated by sharing.

  • HDH74HDH74 Raw Newbie

    Doh! Set up dehydrator and found thermostat knob seemed faulty. Checked it with a thermometer and it was running too hot and I broke my thermometer. Have to send it back and wait 2-3 weeks for replacement. Also got distracted and forgot I had some henna on my head. The nice shiny brown I had planned ended up pitch black. I now look like a middle aged emo.

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