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Ive been eating 100% raw these days, i havnt been feeling really good, I feel sometimes nausious, tired, my eyes get red and hurt. I dont really want to eat. The only thing that i would probably be able to eat is cooked quinoa but i think even that i dont want to eat. What about some lima beans cooked? I dont know anymore what to do! Im really stuck. I like eating raw but its starting to make me sick and not want to eat , just thinking of oranges, apples, even a plain salad makes me want to throw up! What should I eat anymore? I like dried dates but are dried orgainc dates raw? Thanks


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    - we can perfectly survive for months eating alot less then were acustomed to . maybe thats whats best for you now . ive fasted on water / juices over 20 days and know other raw food vegans fasting over 100 days on juices that feel great while doing so . and a thing thats always soothing to my stomach is almond milk smoothies with bananas / dry dates / carob powder . and other fruits can be used in the almond milk like berries . ever see the site www.juicefeasting.com

    - in my opinion our society has aten so much bad for our g.i. tract / bodies junk from pop to cakes to preservatives that we all eventually end up with stomach problems from built up sludge / pollution caused by the junk our bodies cant break down enough of to either burn up as cell fuel or be flushed out in wastes process , so its makes us sick and only way to get it out is juice / water cleansing . and to me even a very rich smoothie diet including the mentioned almond milk / banana drink is cleansing / healing because no solids are going through the tract so it works less and thusly gives body more energy to heal itself with

    - ide check out jay kordic at facebook , hes the juice man from tv ands 87 and in unbeleivable shape from going raw food and getting into juicing like 50 years ago

  • Ide like to eat dried dates with clemintes or bananas, but dont you think ill gain weight by all that sugar? will eating dried dates cause any stomach upset?

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Don't try to be 100% raw 80 % is good enough (and how many on this board are truly 100% raw, I think that's a really low number). Eat! if your hungry. Don't eat if your not. If your body react bad to some food don't eat it eat other things. Choice enough. If you want dried date's eat it. See how your body react on it, don't be afraid if the food is bad it come out your body directly else it take 3 or 4 days and it still comes out :-).

  • Thanks , I seem to do really well on cooked quinoa, but i tried cooked frozen peas and it constipated me, I wonder why? Last time I did try just eating dates like 7 at a time, but then I felt a bit dizzy, I had 4 bananas this morning and like 7 clemintines now. i feel ok but not hungry at all, Just wondering if lima beans is good to eat , nbut i dont want to get constipated.

  • im going to work soon and im not going to eat all day until i come home, like at 6pm.

    I can eat 2 large meals in a day thats all. I dont feel hungry at work.

  • by the way i did not go to the bathroom today for #2 . Ive been eating raw for awhile, I thought it would make me go everyday, I did not eat cooked at all.

  • The thing is i crave for the healthy food, not the bad food, and I think its bad .I crave for startchy foods, what is there to eat for stratchy low fat food?

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Hmm I'm far from vegan (really far). But You'll be oke I think if you stay of grain's in every form. Try to avoid beans/pea's. Sweat potato seams to be oke for most people. That's pretty starchy I think.

  • Quinoa wouldnt be good? or lima beans?

  • Or mabey I should stick to being 100% raw, by eating more dates, The taste of dates staisfy me, but arent they bad for teeth?

  • eating dried dates make me drink aton of water i hate it, worse than eating cooked quinoa:/

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Don't know, just eat it if you feel like it. If you can tolerate the reaction of your body (if any) than it's oke (I think the reaction is the greatest if you are 1+ month on a raw diet without any SAD stuff) you pretty much directly feel something change in your body (hot/cold/slimy throat or nose/ light migrane/heart beat high or low or skipping/gassy or bloating) if the reaction is oke to you the food is good else try to skip it (or if you really really want to eat it, tja you know what to expect) your choice :-).

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    That cant be good going all day without food till 6pm sweet, it will slow your metabolism down, possibly cause hypoglycemia etc.

    I remember we talked abit before im sure about the variety of foods you were getting, how are you doing these days? Maybe just eating a high raw + cooked vegan diet might be a good idea. Its pretty much what i follow and do well on, i eat lots of fruit as the raw portion, then eat a few cooked vegan meals with grains such as quiona which i know your fond of and use various different beans, vegetables to make different meals.

    Many vegetables are better cooked due to anti-nutrients such as goitrogens, and some even increase nutritional content cooked/steamed.

    EDIT: didnt see your main post, nothing is worth feeling ill over, start to eat more foods for sure, whether cooked or not its still healthy, i dont like this notion that some try to pander on us that if it isnt raw it isnt healthy. You might be worth getting your blood work down to check iron, b12, vitamin D to see how your doing.


  • Thanks! mabey I should go do a blood test, to see if im deficient in anything. Today from work I boiled some brussel sprouts, are they good for you? mabey later ill have some tangerines.:)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    All vegetables are good for you sweet:), you sound alot like i used to be over complicating things by thinking how healthy the food is for you.

    By the sounds of things it sounds like your not getting enough calories or variation still. I would think about the cooked vegan meals as a way to even temporarly raise your calories.


  • Thanks Powerlifer:) Yes I need a more of a variation, Im so used to eating more of one thing like yesterday I ate a pound of brussel sprouts, thats all for dinner and then i drank water for the rest of the night , I didnt feel like eating any fruit at all:o. Then last time I bought quinoa I made like 1 cup (dry) of boiled quinoa, it makes like five cups of quinoa cooked and I eat that in one sitting , only plain quinoa with nothing added. I hate putting any flavourings in my food.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Id say likely from what your eating your going to be definitely lacking protein aswell as many other essential nutrients. So yeah increasing calories and variation is a good idea or you could potentially run into some nasty problems.

    Id go with the blood test if you can too will help see if there is any deficiencies at present:).


  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    asking strangers on the internet what's "wrong" with you isn't a good idea. first it was buckwheat this and buckwheat that; now it's quinoa or lima beans. you'd be okay without all three, but i don't think you go long enough without any of them to get rid of your cravings and let your body heal, from what i've read. anyway, a doctor could tell you more if there truly is something wrong. you don't need OUR approval to eat anything; that's for sure. if you want advice on cooked foods to eat, maybe a cooked vegan or vegetarian board is a good place to start. :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Not everyone is 100% raw on here so i dont feel he needs to go anywhere else, theres nothing wrong with the 3 foods hes listed such as quiona so staying away from them will do nothing but make him worse due to the lack of current calories and variety of foods.


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    If you're interested in staying all raw and feeling better, you might consider eating some more "warming" raw foods, like tomatoes, peppers, seaweed, or soaked nuts and seeds.

    This guy has a pretty good description of his experience going raw, and what it took to get him to feel great while eating raw: http://radicalhealth.com/raw-food-diet/people/favor-david.html#2days

    Here are some excerpts:

    - Eating a continual Salad/Fruit diet pushes the body toward alkalosis (extreme alkaline pH), which is just as bad as acidosis. Eating Raw, inactive nuts along with this slows down and clogs up digestion.

    - At some point, the body becomes so "cold and water logged", the spleen shuts down. Oriental Medical Doctors may refer to this as a cold/damp humor.

    - People then begin eating baked potato, butter and sour cream; salsa and chips; massive quantities of salt or pastries.

    For the record, I think it's 100% fine for you to eat quinoa, lima beans, or cooked brussels sprouts if that's what you feel your body needs.

  • Thanks, Im trying as much possible to eat 100% raw, as for the days I do eat 100% raw, I do feel lighter, Its because there isnt much fruit available at the store, they dont look very good. Ive been buying bananas,oranges and apples. Tomorow Im going to eat all raw. Thanks so much for the advice guys. Most of the days I do eat raw, its when there isnt much fruit available that I end up buying quinoa or some frozen veggie. I try my best . There are people out there that are extremenists on being 100% raw, Their like if you dont eat 100% raw then its not healthy, not all cooked foods are poison. Pastries and cakes, chips, is bad.Thanks so much for the advice guys! I appreciate it:)

  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    I would say they are symptoms of detox. I have definitely felt like that in the past. Everyone reacts differently to raw foods and detoxification. When I feel like that I fo on a short water fast of 1-3 days.

    Have you tried keeping a food journal? Write down what you eat and how you feel after every meal. It doesn't seem like you are getting al lot of vitamins and minerals. If you track your food for a few days, you can find out what you are lacking. When making the step to raw foods planning what you eat is neccessary at first. For instance, where do you get your EFAs from? Omega3,6 & 9 are VITALLY important. Are you consuming flax or chia in ground form? Any algaes or seaweed? What about iron? Vitamin e? Protein? Selenium? I am not trying to overwhelm you. All of these nutrients are readily available in raw foods. You can search on the internet and get charts with the nutrients in every food. Once you figure out what you are lacking its easy to add one or two foods to your diet. Also, eating organic is very important!

    Here is a basic Sample Menu of what I eat in a day. It has ALL of my nutrients. I take a viatmin B12 supplement weekly and vitamin D in the winter. I am very active and have a SUPER fast metabolism. If I eat less then 2000 calories, I lose weight fast. This menu could be adjusted by cutting out a few bananas, taking 300-400 calories off the menu. Figure out how many calories you need to feel good. Some people can survive on less, some, like me need a fewmore. In the summer I eat less, even though I am more active.

    My go-to menu:

    AM: Smoothie: 5 bananas, 2 cups kale, 1 TB spirulina, 2 TB ground flax, water

    Snack: 4 cups carrot ginger juice

    Lunch: Salad: 2 cups cabbage, I cup cilantro, 1 cup sprouts, tahini dressing

    Snack: 2 oranges, 1 brazil nut

    Dinner: Smoothie: 5 bananas, 2 cups turnip greens, 2 TB hemp, water

    Aprrox: 2100 calories, 18g Vit E, 38g Protein, 1100mg calcium, 17mg Iron

    The vitamins are off the charts for this menu. It only took me a few hours to figure out the nutrients of the foods I eat often. After that its easy. Someone on here has recommended nutridiary.com. I have used it, it works well. You don't have to sign up to use it. Also, the book Becoming Raw is VERY good. Read it!

  • Thank You:) I dont know if this is another sighn of detox, but ive been eating alot of clemintines , My eyes are a bit red. I also been eating alot of bananas too. I try to drink alot of water . I am on a very low fat diet, mainly eating fruit. sometimes i crave for a salad but not offten, I dont eat any nuts or seeds. Can someone stay 100% raw low fat long term and live a healthy life? Thanks again for the advice , I should look up those fruits and veggies, with their vitamins and minerals. Tomorow its a new day , ill start fresh and eat 100% raw:) Thanks !!

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    "Can someone stay 100% raw low fat long term and live a healthy life?"

    YES, but I doubt it I think fats are really essential for life and if you are consuming vegan or other (raw) diets with very low levels of fat you get problems sooner or later. Lots of hormones and vitamins are linked to fats. Opinions are mixed on this subject. Even in the SAD world there is a lot of weird things going on with different kinds of fatty-acids. It's really a complex subject. Do/eat what you think feels right/healthy. Success with your new start.

  • Thanks! Im really happy today, I had 6 bananas for breakfast, and water, later on i might have a few apples:D I bought flax seeds awhile back, I never hardly used them, I remember grinding it and sprinkling it on a salad. What else can I do with the flax seeds I have a whole container full, how long can you keep them?

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Even if you're just eating fruits and vegetables with no overtly fat foods (like avocado), you're probably at about 5-6% of calories from fat. IT can be done, but I personally like about 10-15% of calories from fat. It's up to you - figure out what works best for you.

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