poor digestion? need advice!

Hey guys,

so I've been trying to get into raw foods for about two years now. I keep getting held back, and I THINK it might be digestion...but I need your advice.

Every time I eat raw foods that have a high calorie per. ounce ratio, I get a very upset stomach and nausea. This include nuts, seeds, coconut...even bananas and dates. I always end up spending several hours in bed and the day is wasted. I want to follow a LFRV (811) diet, but I need to be able to eat bananas and dates because they are affordable! Even after soaking my dates for a day and blending them with a quart of water (Datorade), I STILL have major problems.

I even have problems when I eat too much fiber in general. Big salads make me feel sick and constipated for several days and then never even fully digest at all. When I try to get in enough calories from juicy fruits I also get an upset stomach.

It doesn't even feel like my digestion is slow....it feels like it is simply nonexistent. It sets me back every single time I try to go raw. I know it isn't "detox" because I can drink nothing but juice for a day and feel great. As long as it doesn't have a lot of fiber, I'm fine.

I even have this problem with cooked vegan foods like rice and potatoes (I can't have wheat/gluten). If I eat them, I get really tired and fall asleep and it takes forever for them to leave my stomach. I sometimes get a stomach ache with these foods too.

I don't understand how to fix this problem....all I know is that it has prevented me from staying raw. Does anyone have any advice? Have you experienced this before? What could I possibly do to fix this?

(p.s. just in case it is relevant to your response, I haven't been able to work out since September due to health issues. However, I had this problem before then and I still walk everywhere since I'm a college student)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    You can try supporting your digestion with bitter herbs on the back of the tongue, this stimulates stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes and bile secretion so if you arent breaking down foods it will help. Use powder or liquid so it comes in contact with the back of the tongue, examples of bitter herbs are milk thistle, dandelion, andrographis, artichoke leaf etc.

    Fermented foods can repopulate your good bacteria also which aids digestion, water kefir and cultured veggies are good choices.


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