Jam and mayonnaise raw recipes. Uk specific please

hi, new to the site. Very useful. I am looking for raw recipes for Jam. I buy a beautiful jam made by a french company St Dalfour which has no added sugar but will have been heat treated. I want to give this up and replace with raw jam. Searched your site, but site doesn't seem to have a very good search facility.

I am still transitioning to 100% raw and want to give up my vegan egg free store bought mayonnaise and make raw. Any recipes anyone? again looked here.

What I mean by UK specific is that it looks like most of you guys reside state side and some ingredients seem alien to me!

Thanks for any help.



  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Try your favourite dried fruit mixed with a little agave to taste and water. If you have a dehydrator then you can make your own so you know its raw. Blueberries are especially good. For mayo, try experimenting with shelled hemp seeds or sunflower seeds, oil, lemon juice and herb/spice flavourings of your choice. Throw it all in a blender and go.

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