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ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

When i first raw a couple years ago, I was hot on the ball! I could think up cute little recipes, and BAM! Perfection, I loved what I made, and so did everyone else around me. Jump forward to now, and I am getting back into raw, and I cannot seem to make anything that tastes remotely edible. I mean, I just tried to make raw blueberry pancakes (flax seed, coconut, coconut oil, dates, raw honey, blueberries )....It tasted so good in the food processor, but once I popped them into the dehydrator (and then took them out), I swear those things went rancid, and they were in less that two hours (I was hungry)!

I keep making these horrible tasting foods and I have to choke them down because 1. I keep telling myself it's healthy, 2. I don't want to waste the food or the money!

Any help? Or super simple recipes that you swear by?


  • hikurohikuro Raw Newbie

    As I'm sure your aware, raw doesn't have to be complicated. If that last recipe you tried tasted good before, why not just eat it from the food processor stage? They may not be the pancakes that you're wanting to make, but good food is good food right? I know recipes not turning out can be frustrating, but keeping it simple: 1. Buy fruit. 2. Peel fruit(if necessary). 3. Eat fruit. ; will keep you from having to choke down horrible tasting foods. Or maybe just try to keep it to one recipe a day, that way you can still work on finding recipes that work for you, but in the mean time you're not being put off by having none of your meals tasty and satisfying.

  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    really good advice! Last night after posting this, I sat down and ate an apple. I joked with my boyfriend saying "what a concept!"

    Thank you!

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Learn to enjoy smoothies. One of my faves is just bananas blended.

    Eat simple food with special people, don't worry if the food is special or not.

  • When I get bored of bananas, I put one on a plate and sit and eat tiny bites with a fork and savor every bite. It makes it last longer, I enjoy it more, and it seems more like part of a meal when it's on a plate lol.

    A simple, caloric meal (if you're not on 80/10/10) is banana-avocado pudding. Easy as it sounds.

    I always have the same base set of ingredients for salads and then I change up the 2 or 3 ingredients after that to make them really different. My base ingredients are spinach and romaine, bell pepper, zucchini/cucumber (whatever I have on hand). Then I'll add apples/mandarin/tangerines/clementines (I live in Florida, so I have my pick of oranges) and make a sweet raspberry dressing or add marinated mushrooms and tomato salsa for a mexi-salad. I find that always having the same base of ingredients is easier than planning completely different salads 3-4 times a week. My green smoothies in the morning are the same. Always two bananas, whatever greens I have, matcha, then I add in whatever I have, most of the time I just leave it at that. I changed it up the other day and threw in some blueberries and it was so delicious, and refreshing to see blue instead of green haha.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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