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Hi everyone. I was vegetarian(no dairies) about a yr ago. Since thanksgiving went on the sad diet, till 3 days ago that i find out i was pregnant!!! OMG!!!! soo excited!!!!

Anyways,,,,,,, what will be the best way possible to detox?? was thinking about the master cleanse, but not sure.

is it true that is not good to take some herbs while preg??

I usually take chaste tree, milk thistle, licorice,and some others. Another thing. sooooo confuse right now because i do not want to follow the medical field with my pregnancy. Will like to go to a holistic Doctor for my hole pregnancy and possibly have a midwife to deliver at home.

Any advice???

ohhh and forgot to say im having very bad sickness all day long, like nausea... ewww!!!!!!

I appreciate you reading and responding.



  • Congratulations! I think I may also be pregnant and I am in the same boat as you. I heard it's not good to detox right away because of whatever reason, but I am on Zoloft and I really want to get off of it and do the best for me and this (hopeful) baby.

    How far along are you?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I would not take any herbs or start any therapies/cleanses whilst pregnant most if not all have no research to suggest they are safe. So best to be safe for your babies sake.

    Eating healthy will take care of most things, and make sure your getting adequate nutrition as the demands increase with pregnancy.

    a good example is iodine - Iodine And The Vegan Lifestyle

  • Dear Maichusmom,

    Please pay attention to "powerlifer", is very important NOT to make ANY kind of CLEANSE during pregnancy. In all the 9 months and even after the brith as quality of milk depends a lot on having all the resources in your body. its not the moment fot doing detox, i read specially during the 3 first months, it can be very dangerous for the child.

    This is very important.

    Take care.



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