What to do with my kelp noodles

Raw Breakfast for me is easy. 5 days of the week I eat it at work, so some raw granola and almond milk and Im good to go. Go home make a juice..but evening meals i struggle for idea.

Anyway bought some kelp noodles..got any ideas for me..ones that make me feel like im having a 'big meal of the day'?


  • There are tons of marinara, alfredo, pad thai recipes on here. You can eat them cold or warm some water in a pot over the stove and then soak them in the water to eat them warm. Just type in pasta, kelp noodles, pasta sauce, marinara, alfredo, pad thai, etc. in the search bar and look around until you find something that sounds good.

  • I didn't think kelp noodles went well with raw-nara, I thought they were better with a light almond sauce. I can't remember what I put in it, it's been so long. Definitely lots of veggies!!!!!!

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