I need some help sticking to this.

ok so i have been experimenting with being raw on and off ,but I'm having the hardest time sticking to it. I'm a type one diabetic and I'm in college. I'll go through a day and be raw for the most of it. Then My friends will come over and get pizza and then going raw goes out the window. I've been a vegetarian for three years ,but i really want to step up and treat my body the best I can.

How do you suggest I approach my problems? should I completely clean out my kitchen? I live with two other girls so I'm tempted with cooked foods daily.

with my diabetes when I go low I typically drink juice and eat crackers. What would be a good alternative?

I'm in college so i have to eat on the cheap. I can't afford a dehydrator and a vitamix. Can a regular blender work for the time being?

Your advice is greatly appreciated =)


  • I suggest making sure you are getting enough calories and have enough sweet fruits and greens nearby for a snack if need be (even when others are eating something else). It might take a couple weeks, but eventually you will much prefer the pureness of the raw foods to spicy, dehydrating cooked foods.

  • Alright Superfood thanks. This is a difficult transition ,but I really appreciate your advice

  • ripitraw.wordpress.com is my blog about being in college and being raw.

    I'm a sophomore at UF and I feel your pain! I struggled with this so much at first. It's my second semester doing raw and I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with it. I am also a very social eater and I feel connected with my friends when we share a meal so I struggled with eating out and hanging out with friends. My advice to you is instead of letting your roommates order pizza, tell them you're going to cook, make them a vegan/semi-raw pizza with gluten free bread or sprouted bread. Make the pizza sauce raw, and make nut cheese or seed cheese. If they're not into that, just don't tell them what it's made out of, unless they notice and really press the issue. I use a $200, 1000 watt blender and it's no vitamix (I work at starbucks and we have vitamixes at work), but it does the job.

    What works for me is to eat a large breakfast; something like 4 large bananas, a 35-40 oz. green smoothie STUFFED with greens, or ezekiel bread with avocado spread on top. Most of the time I snack for the rest of the day. I carry apples, bananas, and raw bars in a plastic bag around with me. If I do eat a lunch it's a salad with romaine, bell pepper, zucchini/cucumber, apple slices, clementine/tangelo/mandarine slices, and whatever else I have on hand. Basically I try to stuff the salad with stuff that has a lot of fiber so I stay full longer. For dinner, I have black beans with raw vegetables/a salad, or if I feel full from the rest of the day, something small or I just drink tea.

    I try not to beat myself up if I stay vegan but not raw. There are healthful vegan cooked things such as beans. I just try to stay vegan and stay healthy.

    Hope that helped =) Check out my blog and rawonten for cheap meal ideas.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Dont forget the nuts, seeds, dried fruit, seaweeds(iodine source) also they can help fill you up as a snack.


  • Thanks so much you guys! Ive started my morning with a couple banana's and a few dates. I have a couple oranges , almonds , and a peach to snack on through the day till i get off campus =) I think i'm more confident about my decision now

  • Awesome!! =) And check out my blog if you can, I don't have any readers yet lol.

  • I feel your pain! Pizza is my mortal enemy.. it's so tempting and it seems to be everywhere I go,lol.

    I'm on Day 3 of the "simply raw living foods detox" It's easy during the day but in the evening I have killer cravings.

    I totally agree that getting most of your calories early on in the day is the way to go, I find that it helps a lot with my night time cravings.

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