Day 11 of 100% Raw

So, my girlfriend and I have been raw vegan now for 11 days. Last Sunday we decided to just go 100% overnight. For the first 3 days I had a lot of headaches, and felt pretty drained. Then there was about 4 days of feeling AMAZING. On the 7th day we decided that one day a week, we were going to have one cooked meal, so we went for sushi. We could barely eat half of what we usually do (2 avocado rolls, goma ae, veggie stir fry, and miso soup) then we went and had one bag of popcorn between the two of us at a movie. I could barely eat a 1/4 of the bag before I felt like absolute crap. Then the next day my girlfriend had severe migraines and ended up puking. Now its been about 4 days since the cooked food, and I feel like crap. Really lethargic, waking up with a headache the past two mornings, just all around pretty crappy. Can someone please tell me if this is just part of the detox, or am I just doing something wrong? If this is part of the detox, how long should I expect this to continue? Thanks so much for any advice!


  • One more note, every time I think about eating some nut concoction (ie. tuna pate, burgers, etc.) I feel like I'm going to throw up. I prefer just eating the whole nuts mixed in a bowl, and some fruit.

  • too many different foods mixed together is hard on the digestion sometimes.

    grains are hard to digest as well, and if your body is used to raw foods, even cooked vegetables can cause upset. let this be a lesson and keep feeling well on raw. forget about the past. look forward. if you do choose cooked food, eat steamed veggies ONLY. seriously.

  • Oh no, trust me, I don't crave cooked foods at all anymore. That's not the issue. What is the issue is that it's been 11 days, and I feel like I'm still detoxing. I'm curious if I'm doing it wrong and that's why I feel like this, or is this still just the detox?

  • I think some people experience years of detox (though more mild as time goes on). So yes, weeks and into months is "normal." Hopefully it's bearable after the first few weeks.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Did you cut caffeine suddenly? Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get over, especially if you slip and re-introduce it into your diet after you are weaned. Detox all over again... :(

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I dont buy the years of detox that many try to pan off, often when people are suffering from hypoglycemia and other serious symptoms.

    Headaches and nausea to the point of vomitting can be signs of hypoglycemia, tread very carefully here, not everyone gets on well with raw and dont let anyone pan off the detox theory on you when your health could be at serious risk.

    Again the caffeine isnt detox, it take a while for your adrenal glands to readjust due to the lack of CNS stimulant keeping them perked up, this can often if your a heavy user cause your adrenal glands to crash momentarily which the most obvious symptom is chronic fatigue.


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