Raw and preggers

I am somewhat green with living foods but I have dabbled on and off the last several years. I have done extensive reading and I've jumped in with both feet... I've always eaten well for the most part. I started as a Pescitarian in the early 90's, and within the past few months cut the fish and dairy. My first trimester I just ate what I could due to feeling queezy but no major morning sickness. I began to go raw because of digestive issues that I don't think I need to explain... So even more fiber and feeling satisfied without feeling heavy has come my way. Minimal healing crisis came a long but because I wasn't taking in caffeine, loads of sugar, and other toxins it was bearable... I'm now 25 weeks along with my baby girl and needing some advice and support. Long story short is they found a mass solid and cystic on my L ovary bout the size of a lemon.


  • I wish I could help you but I'm also new to raw. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and send some positive vibes your way.

    I'm also pregnant (about 26 weeks!) Congrats on your little girl :)

  • Congrats to you both. My little one is 2 and everyone comments on how healthy she eats. Guess I rubbed off on her, huh? Good Luck!


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