thai tea? help!

does anyone know what type of teas make up a thai iced tea? this one does not taste like chai offered in some thai places this one is bright orange due to yellow 64 coloring and has a very distinctive tste, they serve it with cream hot and cold…but there are no tea types listed on teh stuff i buy at the thai grocers….. and the label is in thai…anyone? id like to mix my own with out the coloring or buy it that way.


  • Oh man I miss that. If you can make a raw recipe of this Ill freak out!

  • Most every commercial tea has been processed and heated. The only way to get ‘raw’ tea is to pick it right from the plant yourself. I go to Thailand often (in fact I am going back next week) and I know what their standards are like, everything they sell is processed and uses as many chemicals as possible. The only food I eat there is fruits and vegetables (as I do here).

  • socal, pick me some tea in thailand! =) seriously, could the types be found out? I mean they have to be fresh of the bush at some point in the process its just locateing a source right? i have one package left,then its cold turkey for me!!! my goal is to be 100% raw by the end of august and Im damn close! was hopeing for a little warm cup o somthin’ in the morning…sigh, everything i eat is raw but the tea, wine a beer…well, they are harder to let go of. i tried warm carrot juice out of the dehydrator….not quiet the same thing but the same color definetly! have a good trip…and if you happen to come across any tea plantations…... =)

    jkd: im on the case man! some things in life are just worth knowin’! ;)

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    Are these anything like what you are looking for? I just did a search for thai tea ingredients, there are a lot of links.…


  • HI raw mama! yep one of those links had the kind of tea and reccomended a stand in too! so the two types are : authentic:lapsong suchong, and the american version: orange pekoe…now my trick is to find this raw!!!hmmmm… i already use almond milk with vanilla and a bit of date honey sweetner…so if i can just get the tea sun dryed and without the yellow 64 dye id be all set and jkd would freak out!=)

    alright socal, you up for a little shopping in thailand? lapsong suchong..sounds like a famouse sherpa!

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    Cool! I can’t believe it :) Hope you find the ticket to a raw tea, I’d love to try it! :) I’ll search more and see if I can come up with anything…

  • Thai Tea is my favorite ever. I loved going to Thai food places and asian food restaraunts and sipping Thai Tea. Oh man, I completely forgot about this when I went raw, mmmm.

  • omshanti, that is a nice idea, the problem is what makes the tea thai tea is not the plant variety (there is only 1 plant that is used to produce all teas called camellia sinensis) but the way it is processed. It’s the processing that makes the taste color and texture change from one tea to another. White tea is the least processed tea, it is made by picking the tea plant leaves when they first start to appear on the plant in the spring when the leaves have tiny white ‘needles’ on them which is why it is called white tea. White tea is processed but the least of all the teas. I think it is only dried but I am not sure if it is dried at a low or high temperature. The other teas are picked at different times and are processed a lot more including fermentation and other processes which make tea a non-raw food. If you pick the tea right from the plant and dry it at low temperature it will still be tea but it will not be thai tea or anything similar.

  • Hi so cal, I had no idea! well, i know earl grey has bergomot in it for its distinctive flavor so im thinking star of anise or cardemmom and cinnimon in the thai tea, white tea you say? hmmmm, so im looking for sundried white tea? the things i learn here! so fabulouse. i may have to go herbal and just dry some herbs from my garden! I think the first american settlers made tea from all kinds of things like acorns, barks ect, ill look into that stuff too…So the teas they serve at raw food resteraunts are processed teas soaked in luke warm water? how funny is that! thanks so cal have a nice trip to thailand. jkd maybe we should both stick to almond milk hot chocolate! teehee

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