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Hi all I am new member here and I am here to share my views on distilled water. Actually few months back I fell ill and after my check up the reports showed that it is because of the dirty water which i am continuously drinking. After that I thought that the water coming in my home in the taps was not actually pure. I realized the importance of clean water in our daily life and then i switched to a product names water distiller. This product is really amazing and now I am 100% sure that the water I am drinking is extremely clean. Thanks to this amazing product and I can see the improvement in my health also.


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  • Its truly a travesty the state of water coming through taps , also we must think Love and send healing thoughts to all of the wild sources of water and the oceans and how the pollution of man is negatively affecting the vitality of water and the beings which call it home. I am fascinated with the research of Dr. Masuro Emoto http://hado.net

    He and many other spiritual healers are doing prayers over body of waters to cleanse them, and in fact we can do the same with the water or anything, especially breath that we take into our bodies. What we think, we become. We can put this same energy of the "secret " into our every breath, our every sip of the elixor of life.

    If you must drink tap , you can let a jar sit uncovered for 12-24 hours and this will supposedly evaporate the chlorine. Other harmful substances like pharmaceutical drugs cannot be removed in water treatment plants ~ So drinking tap water wil dose you with antibiotics, sythetic estrogens and more which will break down your body's natural immunity and resistance. I prefer natural spring water because it is vital , living and made alkaline through its journeys through the earth. Natural water makes spiral turns whether in the bends of a river or beneath layers of rock in the earth which follow the magnetic pull centrifigal force of the the earths pull. In my opinion distilled and also Reverse osmosis are dead and create stress on our body due to high oxidation. It is the living water which promotes life. When I am not spring hopping through Colorade to fill my 5 gallon jugs, I am using KANGEN water , a remarkable water filteration system from Japan, where it is used in hospitals and considered a medical device. WOW consider that , hospitals and doctors actually embrace nutrition and the basis of LIFE ~ Water! Kangen means SOurce and the water is highly filtered, oxygenated and microionized. It takes away all that is negative and leaves what is positive like minerals which our bodies most direly need as the higher percentage of the population is deficient in every vitamin and mineral. You can also choose the pH of water from 2.5-11.5 with 2.5 you can clean a rusty pot, spray plants for pests or mildew and clean your home with no detergents. 6 is great antiaging skin care. I drink 9.5 because in an alkaline environment , disease cannot thrive. Acidosis of the blood is a most common cause of dis-ease as it is even caused by stress as well as unhealthy food choices. 11.5 will pull pesticides out of produce and turn the water brown, the taste is amazingly different like it had just been picked. This is a system worth investing in for your home and the saftey of your family. ALso you will make money by referring other customers! Pets love it vets love it! Pets health and quality of coat are remarkably improved. Please visit this site and watch the videos which will change how you look at bottled, tap and RO water and show the healing effects with cancer and gastrointestinal dis-ease. Water is the elixor of life, choose only the best , most vital nourishment from the source. http://www.coloradokangenwater.com

    Manda Pendleton is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Fanatic of all things pure.

    She is available for phone consultations. Manda.pendleton@gmail.com

  • Hi Mandalula, this is awesome ............!!!!!

  • I purchased Megahome Water Distiller a few days ago, and I've already used it quite a bit. I really love it. I use it yo make ozonated water in my dental office, but am now learning that people drink distilled water. So I've tried it, it tastes good. I also purchased a bottle of trace minerals to add to drinking water. Still a little confused about the fact that distilled water is "destructured" and therefore not great for drinking. I'll have to do a little more research on that. So far, I love this thing.

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