Hi All!

Hello all!

I just started with a 80% raw diet about a month ago. It's an interesting journey, to say the least. I think, like many starting out, I struggle with what to eat: too little protein? too much sugar? take a B12 supplement... *scratch head*

I've read some interesting advice, that makes sense to some extent; however, it is not really realistic or ideal for my lifestyle or location...

I decided today to add more fat and protein to my diet, as I live 45 degrees N., and often exercise outdoors, sometimes in -20 celsius temperatures (two weeks ago I was out in -40 w/ wind chill, and thought I was going to freeze my eyeballs. Seriously.)

Anyway, with that type of exercise, and cutting both fat and protein down significantly, I found I was getting tired and "moody".

So, like many have already written: listen to your body. Makes sense.

Powerlifter-I've enjoyed reading your posts, and find myself nodding when reading.

Actually, I've enjoyed reading all recommendations, thoughts, proclamations, etc...it's all so very valuable when trying to formulate a (personal) raw diet. This is a great forum.

Thanks everyone!



  • zanzan

    sorry...I've spelled your name wrong Powerlifer...oops. :\

  • Hey, I'm new on here as well, I'm gonna dig the smoothie maker and blitzer out of the cupboard and go raw!!

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