Juice Feasting...ahhhh I'm FREEEEZING!

So 2 days ago, I jumped into a juice fast from a SAD diet, admittedly to look my best for an upcoming photoshoot I have on Monday. It's all juice, raw smoothies (which I buy at Whole Foods...a tiny 130 calorie bottle for $7, wtf!), and kombucha.

I'm doing well, except where I am, it's COLD AND RAINY. OK, not *that* cold (40-45 degrees fahrenheit), but still. I'm soaked, soggy and freezing to the bone right now. Like my hands and toes are SO cold it hurts to move them.

Allllll I want in the whole damn world is some WARM soup or some piping hot french fries. However, there is no kitchen where I live (I live with roommates), so I'm basically living off of pre-made food. And all the soups have too much sodium, and well, they're not raw! I have to debloat.

I have a space heater at home and here at work, that I'm constantly having to curl up in front of, and I literally DREAD going outside to the icy whipping wind and relentless rain, and spending the rest of the day chapped, soggy and trembling. It's incredibly windy and brutally raining, I've gone through 3 umbrellas in 3 days.

The weather is going to be like this until next week (after my photoshoot of course). How can I survive this hellish diet until Monday? :-(

You guys are amazing, how can I be so strong as you all? I'm going to cave soon!!


  • Also, I have to walk outside for almost a mile to get to and from work.

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