Amazing Butter at Raw Restaurant

I'm fairly new to the raw world, but last night I had the most amazing "butter" at a Raw Restaurant. I know there was coconut and lemon in it. Has anyone experimented with this or have the recipe? I did a search but did not come up with anything. Thanks!


  • I've already made garlic butter with coconut oil, crused garlic, lemon, salt and dried parsley... Hope it may help you!

  • I'd have to see the consistency, but this might have been a coconut oil + dehydrated coconut + lemon. If you have a vitamix and you blend dehydrated coconut, it makes the most beautiful white creamy spread. However, it's a little thick, so adding the coconut oil would deem it a bit more spreadable. Pour the liquid into a mold of some sort, let it sit and viola - you'll have a solid/spreadable mold. Now you've got the wheels a turning :) Hmmm, I feel a blog post and recipe being born here...

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